Friday, February 19, 2016

Freedom 251 World's Cheapest 3G Smartphone

Yet India again at top position by launching 3G Smartphone at cost just Rs 251 

               After launching world's cheapest car Nano by TATA , India again launch World's cheapest 3G Smartphone at just price of Pizza. Now everyone can enjoy the feature of 3G Smartphone at just Rs 251 . This cheapest 3G Smartphone launched by Noida based company Ringing Bells Pvt. Limited.            

   Booking starts from 18th Feb. 6:00 am to 21st Feb. Book your mobile on the www.freedom251.com. Here main fear is that , how a fresher company can makes impossible thing possible. Indian Cellular Association (ICA) complaint about this for its price claim. ICA says that no company can provide 3G smartphone at this range.

                 But time tells about this offer reality . Let's wait and watch for this.   

Monday, February 8, 2016

General Knowledge Important - part -2

General Knowledge Important --Part- 2

Q-6         Which state is renowned for sandalwood?
                (a) Himachal                                               (b) Karnataka 
                (c) TN                                                        (d) Odisha

Ans. (b)   Karnataka

Q-7         Hypnophobia is an abnormal fear of ----------------
                (a) Sleep                                                     (b) Water 
                (c) Depth                                                    (d) Height

Ans.       (a)  Sleep      
Q-8         In Medical parlance , who is called ‘Patient Zero’  ?
                (a) The last case in epidemic                
                (b) The first case in outbreak of an epidemic
                (c) Patient for whom there is no hope for recovery
                (d) None of These

Ans.       (b) The first case in outbreak of an epidemic...........

 Q-9        Which chemical is commonly used for cloud seeding or artificial rain?
                (a) NaCl                                                     (b) AgI
                (c) Carbon Dioxide                                     (d) None of These

Ans. (b) AgI

Q-10      People with brontophobia  would avoid venturing out during wet weather because ---------       
               (a) They fear cold rainy breeze                     (b) They have a fear of thunder and lightning
                (c) They are afraid of rain showers               (d) None of These

Ans.       (b)   AgI 

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Friday, February 5, 2016

General Knowledge

   General Knowledge 

Q-1         Among the works of Nirmal Verma which one is Travelogue?
                (a) Chiron Par Chandni                               (b) Antim Aranya
                (c) Dhundh main uthatee Dun                      (d) None of These

Ans.       (a)    Chiron Par Chandni     
Q-2         ‘The Golden Lion’ is the highest prize given to a film at a prestigious  film festival . It happens to 
                be in
                (a) Venice                                                  (b) Viena  
                (c) Berlin                                                    (d) Cannes

Ans.       (a)   Venice      
Q-3         If a ship is flying a yellow flag. What does it mean?
                (a) It requires emergency help                                 
                (b) Its passengers are down with infectious disease 
                (c) It is in quarantine                                      
                (d) No ne of These

Ans.       (C)  ) It is in quarantine   

Q-4         Tehuelche , Mabire , Tersami are on the verge of extinction . They are -------------------
                (a) Type of Marriages                               (b) Tribes 
                (c) Languages                                           (d) None of These

Ans.       (c)  Languages  

Q-5         On 26th April 1977 , India entered the space age by launching its first satellite . It was named
                After a distinguished astronomer of distant past . He was 
                (a) Arya Bhatt                                                                    (b) Ashvaghosh  
                (c) Varahnihir                                                                     (d) None of these

Ans.       (a)  Arya Bhatt
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

General Knowledge 4

General Awareness:      Books and Authors

Q-1 Autobiography
(a) Panini (b) Jawaharlal Nehru
(c) Peal S. Buck (d) Voltaire

Q-2 Bijak
(a) Bill Clinton (b) Panini
(c) Kabir (d) Karl Marx

Q-3 Bostan
(a) Sheikh Saadi (b) Kabir
(C) Saul Bellow (d) Mark Twain

Q-4 The Cocktail parth
(a) B. N. Mullick (b) T. S. Eilot
(c) Anita Desai (d) Panini

Q-5 The Da Vinci Code
(a) T. S. Eliot (b) Karl Marx
(c) Dan Brow (d) Karl Marx

Q-6 The Dark Room
(a) R. K. Narayan (b) Kabir
(c) Mark Twain (d) Hale

Q-7 Don Quixote
(a) Miguel de Cervantes (b) Plato
(c) Harold Laski (d) Dante

Q-8 Emma
(a) Emile Zola (b) Jane Austen
(c) Dante (d) Hale

Q-9 Essays on the Morals
(a) A. Huxley (b) Maxim
(c) F. M. Voltaire (d) Emile Zola

Q-10 The Ethics and Politics
(a) G.H. Wells (b) Aristotle
(c) J. L. Nehru (d) Essaya

Q-11 Freedom at Midnight
(a) Ayub Khan (b) Plato
(c) Dominique Lapierre (d) Dante

Q-12 Gathering Storm
(a) Sir Winston Churchill (b) A. Huxley
(c) Hale (d) Aristotle

Q-13 Golden Bough
(a) J. L. Nehru (b) Mario Puzo
(c) R. N. Tagore (d) Fraser

Q-14 Hajavadana
(a) Joanne Spencer (b) Girish Karnard
(c) V. S. Naipual (d) Hale

Q-15 Himalayan Blunder
(a) J. K. Rowling (b) H. G. Wells
(c) J. P. Dalve (d) Bana Bhatt

Q-16 House of the dead
(a) Emile Zola (b) J. P. Dalve
(c) Pearl S. Buck (d) Plato

Q-17 The Idler
(a) Dr Samuel Johnson (b) Homer
(c) Oscar Wilde (d) Plato

Q-18 In Ponderosa Lycidas
(a) John Milton (b Dante
(c) Plato (d) Hale

Q-19 Julius Caeser
(a) H. G. Wells (b) Willian Shakespeare
(c) T. S. Eliot (d) Dante

Q-20 Kim
(a) Rudyard Kipling (b) Pearl S. Buck
(c) Homer (d) Oscar Wilde

Q-21 La Divine Comedi
(a) Mark Twain (b) A. Dante
(c) Kaul Marx (d) Kalidas

Q-22 Lolita
(a) Kalidas (b) Valdimir Nabokov
(c) G.H. Wells (d) Lucy

Q-23 Malgudi Days
(a) Patanjali (b) Jim Corbett
(c) R.K. Narayan (d) Dante

Q-24 Middle March
(a) Hitler (b) George Eliot
(c) Dante (d) Hale

Q-25 A Voice of Freedom
(a) N. Sehgal (b) Hale
(c) Dante (d) George Eliot


1 b
2 c
3 a
4 b
5 c
6 a
7 a
8 b
9 c
10 b
11 c
12 a
13 d
14 b
15 c
16 a
17 a
18 b
19 a
20 b
21 b
22 c
23 b
24 d
25 a

General Knowledge

General Knowledge

Q-1 Anand Bazar Patrika is published in ------------------- language ?
(a) Hindi
(b) Bengali
(c) Kannad
(d) None

Q-2 Who is author of ‘Discovery of India’?
(a) M.K. Gandhi
(b) Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
(c) Vidya Stokes
(d) None

Q-3 Which was Muscat of 2007 world cup ?
(a) Mello
(b) Knife
(c) Rabbit
(d) None

Q-4 Adolf Hitler who was chancellor of Germany was born in -------- ?
(a) Austria
(b) India
(c) China
(d) None

Q-5 What was the past profession of Ronald Regan ?
(a) Slave
(b) Actor
(c) Artist

(d) None
Q-6 Which of the following personality founded Alexandria?
(a) Alexander the great
(b) Porus
(c) M.K. Gandhi
(d) None

Q-7 Mecca is holiest city of -------------
(a) Hindu
(b) Muslim
(c) Sikh
(d) None

Q-8 Which of the following is Oscar award winner ?
(a) A.R. Rahman
(b) Amir Khan
(c) SRK
(d) None

Q-9 For which film A.R. Rahman receive Oscar award ?
(a) Mumbai
(b) Slumdog Millionare
(c) Lagaan
(d) Dil

Q-10 How many Oscar award received by Slumdog Millionare ?
(a) 4
(b) 8
(c) 9
(d) 11

Q-11 TTP stands for .
(a) Tehriq – e- Taliban Pakistan
(b) To Try Petrol
(c) Telugu Tehran Party
(d) None

Q-12 Nalanda International University which would be set up in Bihar is a dream
project of ------- .
(a) Rahul Gandhi
(b) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
(c) Sonia Gandhi
(d) None

Q-13 Which country’s cricket team is attacked by terrorist in Pakistan ?
(a) India
(b) Australia
(c) Srilanka
(d) None
Q-14 Who says “In the current situation Pakistan is very dangerous place for Cricket ” ?
(a) David Morgan
(b) Shashank
(c) Sharad Pawar
(d) None

Q-15 Who was ICC president in world cup 2015 ?
(a) Sharad Pawar
(b) Shashank
(c) Mustafa Kamal
(d) None

Q-16 In which country mutiny took place by BDR ?
(a) India
(b) China
(c) Bangladesh
(d) None

Q-17 BDR stands for ------------
(a) Bangladesh Rifles
(b) Bangla Rangle
(c) Ban Ray
(d) None

Q-18 Swat valley , which is famous due to Taliban activity is in -------------
(a) India
(b) China
(c) Pakistan
(d) None

Q-19 ‘Jai Ho’ is a famous song of which film ?
(a) Slumdog Millionare
(b) Pinki
(c) Sauda
(d) None
Q-20 Which film receive Oscar award?
(a) Pinki
(b) Arjun
(c) Lagaan
(d) None

Q-21 Presently who is M.P from Mandi seat in H.P ?
(a) P.K. Dhuman
(b) Arjun Singh
(c) Ram Swarup Sharma(BJP)
(d) None

Q-22 Oscar winning movie is based on ------------------ .
(a) Q and A
(b) A and B
(c) Dinga
(d) None

Q-23 Who is the  writer of Q and  A ?
(a) Vikas Swarup
(b) P. Sharma
(c) A. Adiga
(d) None
Q-24 What  prize of  Ford Icon?
(a) 4.59 Lakh
(b) 5.26 Lakh
(c) 16 Lakh
(d) None

Q-25 ‘Make everyday exciting’ is business slogan of -----------
(a) Ford
(b) Tata
(c) Maruti
(d) None


1. (b) Bengali
2.(b) Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
3. (a) Mello
4. (a) Austria
5. (b) Actor
6. (a) Alexander the great
7. (b) Muslim
8. (a) A.R. Rahman
9. (b) Slumdog Millionare
10. (b) 8
11. (a) Tehriq – e- Taliban Pakistan
12. (b) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
13. (b) Australia
14. (a) David Morgan
15 (c) Mustafa Kamal
16. (c) Bangladesh
17. (a) Bangladesh Rifles
18(c) Pakistan
19 (a) Slumdog Millionare
20. (a) Pinki
21. (c) Ram Swarup Sharma(BJP)
22 (a) Q and A
23(a) Vikas Swarup
24 (a) 4.59 Lakh 25 (a) Ford



Q:1         उदगम की दृष्टि से भारतीय अपवाह -तन्त्र को कौन से दो भागों में बांटा जा सकता है ?

              (a )    हिमालयी अपवाह तन्त्र   गंगा नदी तंत्र
              (b)     प्रायद्वीपीय अपवाह तन्त्र   पूर्वी अपवाह तन्त्र।
              (c)     हिमालयी अपवाह तन्त्र   प्रायद्वीपीय अपवाह तन्त्र।
              (d)     इनमें से कोई नहीं।

Ans :      (c)     हिमालयी अपवाह तन्त्र   प्रायद्वीपीय अपवाह तन्त्र।  

Q : 2      सिन्धु नदी तन्त्र का उदगम स्त्रोत किस हिमनद से है और यह किस देश में पड़ता है ?

               (a )   गोमुख के निकट गंगोत्री हिमनद                                  ,भारत में।
               (b )   मानसरोवर झील के पास स्थित  सनोखबाब हिमनद    ,तिब्बत (चीन ) में
               (c )   मानसरोवर झील के पास स्थित  राकसताल झील        , तिब्बत  में
               (d )   बेरीनाग के निकट शेषनाग झील  कश्मीर                    , भारत में।

Ans :       (b )   मानसरोवर झील के पास स्थित  सनोखबाब हिमनद    , तिब्बत (चीन ) में 

Q : 3
      सिन्धु नदी कि कुल लम्बाई कितने किलोमीटर है और यह भारत में कितने किलोमीटर का                                                     सफर तय कर  वहती है ?
             (a )   कुल  लम्बाई  2780 कि: मी:    , भारत में लम्बाई   708 कि: मी:
             (b )   कुल  लम्बाई  28 70 कि: मी:    , भारत में लम्बाई   707  कि: मी:
             (c)    कुल  लम्बाई  286 0 कि: मी:     , भारत में लम्बाई   706  कि: मी:
             (d )   कुल  लम्बाई  28 80 कि: मी:    , भारत में लम्बाई   709  कि: मी:

Ans :     (d )   कुल  लम्बाई  28 80 कि: मी:    , भारत में लम्बाई   709  कि: मी:

Q :4  
    सिन्धु नदी किस स्थान पर पाकिस्तान में प्रवेश करती है तथा कराची के पास अरब                    सागर में मिल जाती है ?
             (a )   चिल्लास के निकट                            (b )  सिन्ध पंजाब के निकट
             (c)    रावलपिंडी के निकट                          (d )  इनमें से कोई नहीं

Ans:     (a )   चिल्लास के निकट    

Q : 5     सिन्धु नदी कि सहायक नदियाँ कौन -कौन सी है ?
             (a )   भागीरथी , अलकनन्दा , झेलम , रावी , ब्यास
             (b )  पिण्डार , धोलीगंगा , सतलुज , चिनाब , रावी
             (c )   झेलम , चिनाब , रवी , ब्यास , सतलुज
             (d )  इनमें से कोई नहीं

Ans :      (c )   झेलम , चिनाब , रवी , ब्यास , सतलुज 

General Knowledge

General Knowledge

Q-1 Who was God of war of the Rig Vedic Aryan?
(a) Rudra (b) Sinal
(c) India (d) None

Q-2 Who was founder of Sikhism?
(a) Guru Gobind Singh (b) Guru Nanak Dev
(c) Guru Arjun Dev (d) None

Q-3 Who founded INC?
(a) O.A. Hume (b) A.O.Hume
(c) A.T. Hume (d) None

Q-4 In which year Sikkim join India?
(a) 1980 (b) 1975
(c) 1974 (d) None

Q-5 In which year Babri Masjid Demolished?
(a) 1990 (b) 1992
(c) 1998 (d) None

Q-6 In which year WTO comes into existence?
(a) 1990 (b) 1995
(c) 1998 (d) None

Q-7 From the following prime minister died recently?
(a) B.P.Singh (b) Narsimha Rao
(c) A&B (d) None

Q-8 Dog Star is the name given to which star?
(a) Sirius (b) Alfa century
(c) A&B (d) None

Q-9 By which of the follow effect, there is monsoon in India?
(a) Dune (b) EL Nino
(c) EL mida (d) None

Q-10 38th parallel is a line between North Korea and -------
(a) South Korea (b) West Korea
(c) A and B (d) None

Q-11 How many gross are there in great gross?
(a) 13Gross (b)12 Gross
(c) 25 Gross (d) None

Q-12 Knot is used for measuring speed of ………..?
(a) Aero plane (b) Bus
(c) Ship (d) None

Q-13 Where is headquarter of  IGNOU?
(a) Delhi (b) Shimla
(c) New Delhi (d) None

Q-14 S.D.R. Stands for?
(a) Special Drawing Right (b) Special Dare Right
(c) A and B (d) None

Q-15 Which poet is known as Anzus treaty?
(a) Pacific Pact (b) Rediff Pact
(c) Yahoo Treaty (d) None

Q-16 In which year Anzus treaty signed?
(a) 1950 (b) 1951
(c) 1958 (d) None

Q-17 Baghdad Pact was formed in?
(a) 1955 (b) 1958
(c) 1965 (d) None

Q-18 ASEAN formed in……?
(a) 1655 (b) 1951
(c) 1965 (d) None

Q-19 Simla Treaty is signed between?
(a) China and India (b) India and Pakistan
(c) USA and Canada (d) None

Q-20 In which year Simla treaty signed between India & Pakistan?
(a) 1973 (b) 1972
(c) 1989 (d) None

Q-21 Trygvelie is a first……. of UN?
(a) AG (b) Secretary General
(c) A and B (d) None

Q-22 Which of the following personality suggested the name of UN?
(a) M.K.Gandhi (b) Roosevelt
(c) A and B (d) None

Q-23 Viena is Headquarter of……..?
(a) IAEA (b) UN
(c) UNESCO (d) None

Q-24 In Security Council how many permanent member are there?
(a) 10 (b) 15
(c) 12 (d) 5

Q-25 Which of the following is not a language of UN?
(a) Punjabi (b) Chinese
(c) English (d) None


1 (a) Rudra
2 (b) Guru Nanak Dev
3 (b) A.O.Hume
4 (b) 1975
5 (b) 1992
6 (b) 1995
7 (a) B.P.Singh
8 (a) Sirius
9 (b) EL Nino
10 (a) South Korea
11 (b)12 Gross
12 (c) Ship
13 (c) New Delhi
14 (a) Special Drawing Right
15 (a) Pacific Pact
16 (b) 1951
17 (a) 1955
18 (b) 1951
19 (b) India& Pakistan
20 (b) 1972
21 (b) Secretary General
22 (b) Roosevelt
23 (a) IAEA
24 (d) 5
25 (a) Punjabi


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